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Welcome to Code.Build!

I've decided to retire my website and create this website: All of my previous posts now forward to this website as I get new posts written here.

I love Firebase, but I need relational data. Everything I have learned will be written articles to come. I still plan on pushing it to the max in some test websites. Cloud Firestore is way more powerful than people believe it to be, but we all need relational data if we want nice features.

I will be posting some tricks of the trade, some unique findings, some unique tools, and pretty much everything I will learn in the future about Firestore. Maybe one day the Firestore team can build tools so that it can compete with MongoDB's features. Until then, I decided to build this website using Supabase.

My database of choice is and will always be a Graph Database. I am still crossing my fingers that DGraph will one day be what I know it can be. Postgres is hard tested and ready to go. Supabase uses PostgREST to grab data. This has made my development much easier.

My web stack for this website is:

  • Angular Universal
    • ngx-isr
    • ngx-markdown
    • Angular Material
  • Supabase
  • Vercel

I have created a dozen custom modules that I plan on rewriting for different frameworks for this website, and I will post every lick of code in different posts here as I optimize this website.

This post will continue to get updated as my stack changes.

If you have any questions, contact me on Fireship's Discord.

Happy Programming!



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