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I finally finished rebuilding this blog site from Angular Universal to SvetleKit. I must say, I absolutely love SvelteKit. This process took approximately 70 days to complete. Keep in mind I have a full time job that is not programming, so this was done on free nights and weekends. Here is what I learned:

  1. SvelteKit is absolutely amazing.
  2. The worst part of SvelteKit is that it is new, and there are no libraries for everything.
  3. I love Material UI, but unfortunately I had to hack the Svelte Material UI, as I believe it may go out of date soon.
  4. I wrote everything using DRY, SOLID, and KISS principals. This has made me a better developer, and made my code level up.
  5. I also realized my postgres RLS prevented anyone from liking a post 😓

The things that took me the longest

  • Getting material ui to work, especially after coming from Angular Material
  • Form Validation. There are just no great packages for this. I hope to see a native SvelteKit forms library like Angular Reactive Forms.
  • There is no Date Picker, so I had to use a mixture of Svelte Material UI, and the native Date Picker.
  • I also had to create a chip form input field, along with line numbers for a text area.
  • Translating the took a minute, but got it working as expected.
  • Copy Code button along with line numbers was a custom build. I chose highlight JS over Prisma due to its easier compatibility.

Current Tech Stack

  • Supabase
  • SvelteKit
  • Vercel Edge

You can view the old Angular Universal repo. I am really not happy with its complexity. Even now, I could rebuild the Angular App much cleaner. I think building in other frameworks makes you a better programmer in ALL frameworks.

Here is the current repo.

Anyway... features to come:

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See you soon!



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