I'm Jonathan Gamble. I built this site to put together coding resources, articles, and courses on how to build web applications. I have loved computers since DOS, and continue to be a Windows 11 user, sorry Macs!

This site as been migrated from Fireblog.io. It used to be a site only about Firebase, but now it is about web technologies. I also migrated it from Angular Universal to SvelteKit.

Old Fireblog.io

Old Tech Stack

Angular Universal

  • ngx-isr
  • ngx-markdown
  • Angular Material


  • Cloud Firestore
  • Firebase Auth

Current Tech Stack


  • svelte-markdown
  • Tailwind


  • Postgres
  • PostgREST
  • GoTrue Auth

For the moment I plan on sticking with SvelteKit and Supabase. I love them, but I do miss Angular and Firebase! But, I get to still wrote articles on both of them. My next tech stack will definitely be Qwik and EdgeDb.


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